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Space Cleaning Mist
Benefits: Protects and strengthens aura Cleanses and purifies the space A smokeless alternative to smudging ...
$ 34.00
Protection Mist
Benefits: Cleanses and protects aura Enhances meditative states Helps you access your inner knowing and higher self ...
$ 34.00
Love Mist
Benefits: Promotes self-love and acceptance Expands the heart chakra Supports you in radiating and attracting...
$ 34.00
Grounding Mist
  Benefits: Relaxes and soothes Aligns mind and body Helps you ground and root to...
$ 34.00
Focus Mist
Benefits of focus mist: Promotes focus and concentration Boosts mental clarity and memory Helps you...
$ 34.00
Calm Mist
Benefits of calm mist: Relieves stress and worry Calms the mind and relieves mental chatter...
$ 34.00